ECOFaith Santa Barbara

Our faith traditions call us to be intentional stewards of our environment

ECOFaith, a project of the Interfaith Initiative, stands at the intersection of spirituality, environmental stewardship, and local community. Through thought-provoking lectures and intimate discussions, our members engage with a variety of religious traditions in order to cultivate a deep ethic of stewardship of our planet. ECOFaith provides active support to bring these conversations to their faith communities, to build congregational green teams, and to connect with local environmental organizations.

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Our Mission

ECOFaith Santa Barbara builds on the convictions of religious faith from many traditions to address the urgent needs of the environment. Drawing on and working with ongoing efforts of other community agencies and organizations we seek to achieve the following goals:

1. Work towards energy efficiency and conservation in our places of religious faith.

2. Educate and encourage our congregations to adopt environmentally sustainable lifestyles as a dimension of spiritual practice.

3. Partner with broader community to create a healthy environment.