Community Environmental Council

Community Environmental CouncilThe Community Environmental Council is a local pioneer in the national environmental movement. CEC has maintained a strong mission to identify, advocate and raise awareness about the most pressing environmental issues that affect the Santa Barbara region. CEC is goal is to change entire systems that were built up over the last 100 years, and to do it in a way that creates jobs, saves money, and strengthens the economy. The CEC vision is that our communities center around people, not cars.

ECOFaith fully supports the Santa Barbara Community Environmental Council goals and vision, and we actively encourage congregational participation in all CEC activities such as Car-Free Day, Community Gardens, Earth Day, Renewable Energy Projects, and more. In one example of this support, an ECOFaith founding member, Grace Lutheran Church of Santa Barbara, has given the use of excess church land to the CEC Community Gardens and includes customized garden plots for those gardeners who are wheelchair-reliant.

CECís Get Started guides are free resources designed to help make sustainability changes these guides are a great place to start supporting clean energy in the Santa Barbara region

Since 1970, CEC has led the Santa Barbara region ñ and at times California and the nation ñ in creative solutions to some of the toughest environmental problems. CEC has made history and evolved with the environmental movement. Today, CEC is focused on building a community-based movement that weans the region off of fossil fuels in one generation with the mandate — Fossil Free by 33.

ECOFaith encourages the CEC vision that:

Our homes and offices create as much energy as they use.
Our cars are efficient and powered by clean energy.
Our electricity is generated by the sun, wind and waves.
Our communities center around people, not cars.
We choose eco smart products that reduce our carbon footprint.