Grace Lutheran Church

Grace Lutheran Church in Santa BarbaraECOFaith mobilizes and supports environmental sustainability efforts by providing expert consultants and a comprehensive process for reducing resource consumption, integrating noncarbon-based energy resources, and educational activities for diverse congregations. In 2009 the members of the ECOFaith coalition selected four pilot faith communities to engage in this effort. These faith communities were Grace Lutheran Church, Second Baptist Church, Holy Cross Catholic Church, and the Islamic Society of Santa Barbara.

Grace Lutheran was constructed in 1959 and a later addition was added in 1979. The original 9,700 square-foot structure is the building as it currently stands, less the two-story 1,900 square-foot wing that houses the Kitchen and Choir Practice room. The building totals 11,640 square-feet in size.

By implementing the energy reduction measures identified Grace Lutheran will be able to reduce annual electricity use by 8,400 kWh or 41 percent; natural gas use by 390 therms or 20 percent, and water use by 4000 or 2 percent and prevent 9,950 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. The cost to implement this work, assuming utility incentives and minimal installation costs would be $9,000 for a simple payback of 5.5 years.

Details on the Grace Lutheran Church Sustainability Project
Part 1 – Grace Lutheran Introduction
Part 2 – Grace Lutheran Vision
Part 3 – Grace Lutheran Education
Part 4 – Grace Lutheran Building Grounds ENERGY
Part 5 – Grace Lutheran Site Water Materials Indoor Environment
Part 6 – Grace Lutheran Green Purchasing
Part 7 – Grace Lutheran Action Plan
Part 8 – Grace Lutheran Operations Maintenance