Holy Cross Catholic Church

Holy Cross Catholic Church
At Holy Cross Catholic Church there is strong emphasis that humanity and nature are not separate entities but intimately interconnected as are all living beings. The parish is happy and proud that for the last decade they have been listening and actively present in interfaith collaboration — within ECOFaith, the Greater Santa Barbara Clergy Association, the Interfaith Initiative, and CLUE (Clergy & Laity for Economic Justice).

ECOFaith provided ongoing organizational assistance as Holy Cross was selected as a pilot project for the organization’s initial efforts to address energy consumption in global warming. The Holy Cross sustainability planning efforts included a survey of energy use for the church and grounds which helped to identify where solar panels would be installed; water conservation measures should be implemented; hot water temperature reduced, plug loads adjusted, and lighting & HVAC operations improved.

Holy Cross set up a Green Team with an Action Plan. The indoor environment adjustments, congregational education, and green purchasing points were included and implemented in our Action Plan. Details are available in the pdfs below, and we hope that they inspire your congregation with step-by-step guidance on how to green up your house of faith.

Details on the Holy Cross Catholic Church Sustainabiility Project

Part 1 Holy Cross Introduction
Part 2 Holy Cross Vision
Part 3a Holy Cross Education
Part 3b Holy Cross Elementary Ed
Part 3c Holy Cross Teen Ed
Part 3d Holy Cross Adult Ed
Part 4 Holy Cross Buildings Grounds Energy
Part 5 Holy Cross Site Water Materials Indoor Environment
Part 6 Holy Cross Green Purchasing
Part 7 Holy Cross Action Plan
Part 8 Holy Cross Operation Maintenance