JS Bower Report

JS Bower ProjectThe JS Bower Foundation supports activities that make a meaningful impact in Santa Barbara and the world around us, especially collaborative groups. ECOFaith was founded in 2008 to create an organization, a strategy and a process for religious organizations to become full partners in efforts to achieve the Santa Barbara Community Environmental Council’s widely-publicized goal of Fossil Free by 2033 www.CECsb.org i.e., to lower carbon emissions and to get on the path to sustainability In 2009 the fuller development of ECOFaith Santa Barbara was generously provided by the JS Bower Foundation, along with many hundreds of volunteer hours by members of participating faith communities.

From 2009 to 2011 ECOFaith completed an initial pilot project of four faith communities to provide a working model for an expanded effort, which continues to the present. This report to the JS Bower Foundation outlined our progress to 2011 and provided a foundation for the present phase of ECOFaith actions.

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Without ECOFaith my congregation would not have considered addressing environmental issues in their own lives or in the life of the church. The staff of ECOFaith has helped us design a plan for making our eighty-year old buildings more energy efficient and helping those in the congregation recognize that caring for Godís creation is important, especially to those who have the least. They are beginning to recognize that eco-justice is closely related to economic justice.

Rev. Dr. Wallace K. ShepherdSecond Baptist Church