Pilot Projects

From 2009 to 2011 ECOFaith completed an initial pilot project of four faith communities to provide a working model for an expanded effort, which continues to the present. A team of graduate students at the UCSB Bren School for Environmental Science and Management in collaboration with ECOFaith completed in 2011 the first extensive and detailed pilot project.

ECOFaith selected four congregations for the pilot project. These congregations were Grace Lutheran Church, Holy Cross Catholic Church, Second Baptist Church, and the Islamic Society of Santa Barbara.

The UCSB Bren School team created a software application for direct use by faith communities to achieve environmental sustainability through reduction of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Details on this first pilot project and its software tool are presented in the JS Bower Report. This report outlines the ECOFaith progress to 2011 and provided a foundation for the present phase of ECOFaith actions.

Presently ECOFaith continues to work with faith communities and partner with national and international organizations like Interfaith Power and Light and the United Religions Initiative. ECOFaith strives to make this software tool, The Calculator, along with the ECOFaith guidance The Path of Sustainability, freely available throughout the world for houses of faith to lower their carbon emissions and to preserve and protect creation. ECOFaith is currently welcoming opportunities for more faith community Path of Sustainability projects for 2013 and 2014.